Initiation of ethics mediation procedures

The ethics mediation process can be initiated in two ways. First, through filing a written ethics complaint. Second, through a personal, telephone, or written inquiry or complaint generally alleging potentially unethical conduct but which (a) is not filed on the appropriate form or (b) is not specific as to which Article(s) may have been violated.

Where a written ethics complaint in the appropriate form is received, it will be reviewed by the Grievance Committee so a determination can be made whether a possible violation may have occurred or, alternatively, whether the complaint should be dismissed as not requiring a hearing. Where an informal inquiry or general letter of complaint that does not allege a potential violation of the public trust is received, it will not be reviewed by the Grievance Committee, but will be referred to an ethics mediator.

Participation in ethics mediation is voluntary

Persons inquiring about the process for filing ethics complaints will be advised that ethics mediation is available as an alternative to a formal ethics hearing provided that all parties agree to participate, and also be advised they may decline or withdraw from mediation and have their complaint considered at a formal ethics hearing. Similarly, REALTORS® complained about have the right to decline or withdraw from mediation and to have complaints against them considered at a formal ethics hearing.


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